Oak Shingles and Oak Tiles.

At Harts of Oak we produce our own quality Oak shingles. We make them from the highest quality oak which is cut into blocks then sliced into tapered shingles using a Woodmizer sawmill.

Being longer lasting and more resilient than softwood tiles Oak Shingles make an excellent traditional roof that will last for years. Please call for prices.

Oak Shingles, Courfe Castle, Whareham, Dorset.

oak shingle tiles


Hand Made Oak Shingles made in Hertfordshire in the UK

Oak shingles made in Hertfordshire

Oak Shingles are made from blocks of Oak which are sawn into tiles using a machine called a woodmizer. A shingle clamp holds the blocks of oak and tilts them as they are cut to create the tapered Oak Shingles.







Oak Shingles Slowly Drying

Oak Roof Shingles

Oak Shingle Making