Charcoal Making

charcoalWith the barbeque becoming an ever more popular event in the UK it should be noted that at the moment the UK imports over 97% of its charcoal, mostly from unregulated forests.

The first records of a charcoal makers licence was granted in 1200 AD and shows how it was once a very important business to the English economy and way of life.

Harts of Oak are making charcoal in Broxbourne using timber extracted as part of a conservation program which is helping regenerate the forest and interest in it. Trees are coppiced to encourage new growth.

English charcoal is of a much higher quality than imported 'lumpwood,' much of which much is taken from disappearing jungles, rainforests and mangroves.

Our charcoal not only gets hotter more quickly than its imported equivalent, but burns with less fumes, providing a superior cooking fuel.

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