Harts of Oak Celtic Roundhouse

Celtic Roundhouse Harts of Oaka>Whilst building our third Roundhouse for a School we are putting together a series of learning pods which teach how the building is made and where the materials come from.

From the Start we teach about Celtic life and the concept of a history timeline. The Children are reminded that people used to live without electricity, no Xbox, no mobile phone, no TV and no light bulbs - so what did they do in their spare time? maybe talk and tell stories, make music, although spare time was probably rare.


The hunter supplied meat and everyone in the Celtic tribe would have a role, we try to teach our 'tribe' to wrok together as the building and learning progress and it really does sink in when you are actually in the living history.


Aycliffe Drive School, Hemel Hempstead.

celtic roundhouse

The Wroxham School, Potters Bar.

celtic roundhouse Hertfordshire

The beginning of the next project at Turn Furlong School, Aylesbury.

Celtic Roundhouse construction

The Kids help 'Chink' the gaps in the Hazel and learn all about Hay and Hazel.

Celtic Roundhouse Children Learning


More 'Chinking'.

Celtic Roundhouse HistoryWe bring in Micksticks and he shows the kids how to make hurdles from Hazel.

Celtic Round house MickSticks

















The story of 'Cry Wolf' is told and guards are posted watching out for wolves and Romans.

Celtic RoundHouse Storytime




The Three large Timbers are put in place with a very modern machine.

Building Celtic Roundhouse

The Headmistress brings a Horse in.


The Roof Goes on

Celtic Roundhouse Roof

Midfield Primary School in Bromley


Hornbeam being cut for the round house by Paul from guideposts who manages a woodland and coppices in the correct manner.

















Celtic Roundhouse Build


Roundhouse finished


Celtic Roundhoue Construction